ciao etymology

English word ciao comes from Italian dialect form of schiavo (meaning: "(I am your) slave"), from Medieval Latin sclavus (slave), which in turn comes from Byzantine Greek Σκλᾰ́βος (Sklábos, meaning Slav - allegedly because Slavs were often forced into slavery) and ultimately from Proto-Slavic *slověninъ (Slav)

Detailed word origin of ciao

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*slověninъ Proto-Slavic (sla-pro) Slav.
словенинъ Church Slavic (chu)
Σκλαβῆνος Ancient Greek (grc) Slav
Σλαβῆνος Ancient Greek (grc) Slav
Sclavus Late Latin (LL) Slav
sclavus Latin (lat) Slave. Allegedly because Slavs were often forced into slavery
s-ciavo Venetian (vec) (I am your) slave
ciao Venetian (vec) Lit. slave. Meaning: hello!
ciao Italian (ita) Hello!. Goodbye!.
ciao English (eng) A greeting or farewell using the word "ciao". Bye, goodbye.. Hello, hi.

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