compensate etymology

English word compensate comes from Latin com-, Latin penso (Pay for, purchase. Ponder, consider. Weigh, counterbalance.)

Detailed word origin of compensate

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com- Latin (lat)
penso Latin (lat) Pay for, purchase. Ponder, consider. Weigh, counterbalance.
compenso Latin (lat) I balance, poise, weigh, offset (one thing against another). I compensate.
compensatus Latin (lat)
compensate English (eng) (ambitransitive) To make up for; to do something in place of something else; to correct, satisfy; to reach an agreement such that the scales are literally or (metaphorically) balanced; to equalize or make even.. To adjust or adapt to a change, often a harm or deprivation.. To do (something good) after (something bad) happens. To pay or reward someone in exchange for work done or some other [...]

Words with the same origin as compensate

Descendants of com-
account collect collection college command commander commissioner competition complain complete complex confirm conscience construction correct cos cost couch count cousin precious price prison prisoner prize
Descendants of penso
compensation poison priceless