king etymology

English word king comes from Proto-Germanic *kunją (kin, family, clan.) and Proto-Germanic *-ingaz (form derivative of nouns with sense of 'belonging to, coming from, descending from')

Detailed word origin of king

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*kunją Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Kin, family, clan.
*-ingaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro) Forms derivatives of nouns with sense of 'belonging to, coming from, descending from'.
*kunungaz Proto-Germanic (gem-pro)
cyning Old English (ang) King.
kyng Middle English (enm)
king English (eng) (UK, slang) A king skin.. (card games) A playing card with the letter "K" and the image of a king on it, the thirteenth card in a given suit.. (chess) The principal chess piece, that players seek to threaten with unavoidable capture to result in a victory by checkmate. It is often the tallest piece, with a symbolic crown with a cross at the top.. A checker (a piece of checkers/draughts) that [...]

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Descendants of *kunją
kin kind kingdom mankind napkin pumpkin
Descendants of *-ingaz
according amazing calling coming crying darling dying feeling fucking going interesting killing laughing lying making meeting playing putting reading saying seeing trying working writing