master etymology

English word master comes from the Latin word magester (master, chief, teacher, leader), which is ultimately derived from the Latin word magis (better, more, more greatly)

Detailed word origin of master

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
-ester Latin (lat)
magis Latin (lat) Better. More. More greatly. Rather.
magester Latin (lat) Master, chief, teacher, leader
mægester Old English (ang) Master
mayster Middle English (enm) Master
master English (eng) Highly skilled.. Main, principal or predominant.. Masterful.. Original. (intransitive) To be a master.. (intransitive, usually with in) To earn a Master's degree.. (transitive) To become the master of; to subject to one's will, control, or authority; to conquer; to overpower; to subdue.. (transitive) To learn to a high degree of proficiency.. (transitive, especially of a musical performance) [...]

Words with the same origin as master

Descendants of magis
headmaster headmistress maestro mastermind masterpiece missus mister mistress
Descendants of -ter
administer administration administrative administrator minister ministry ultra