alieno etymology

Latin word alieno comes from Latin alienus, Latin -one(-onem|m)

Detailed word origin of alieno

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alienus Latin (lat) (of the body) dead; corrupted; paralyzed. (of the mind) insane, mad. Of that which belongs to another person, place, or object—of another, alien, foreign. Unfamiliar with something or a stranger to something. Unfriendly, inimical, hostile, suspicious. Unsuitable, incongruous, inconsistent.
-one(-onem|m) Latin (lat)
alieno Latin (lat) (passive) I am disinclined to, have an aversion for, avoid.. (passive, of parts of the body) I perish, die.. (with mentem) I take away or deprive of reason, drive mad or insane.. I cast off, estrange, alienate, make enemies.. I change the nature of a person or thing into something else.. I make foreign, remove, separate.. I make something the property of another, transfer by sale, alienate.