denique etymology

Latin word denique comes from Latin crescendum, English adrenal cortex, Proto-Indo-European *eḱs, and later Latin ex, e (A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.)

Detailed word origin of denique

Dictionary entryLanguageDefinition
crescendum Latin (lat)
adrenal cortex English (eng) (anatomy) The outer portion of the adrenal glands that produces hormones essential to homeostasis.
*eḱs Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro) out of  , out, out of
*eks Proto-Italic (itc-pro)
*kor- Proto-Indo-European (ine-pro)
sincerus Latin (lat) Clean, pure, sound.. Genuine, sincere.. Real, natural.. Uninjured, whole.
corticis Latin (lat)
ex, e Latin (lat) A name of the letter X. (+ ablative) out of, from.
denique Latin (lat) (postpositive) thereafter, thenceforward, thereupon. Besides. Finally, lastly, at length.

Words with the same origin as denique

Descendants of adrenal cortex
de debere debitor deinde demum e edicto edictum es essent esset est esto ex exemplo exemplum inde perinde proinde quando quondam subinde unde undique
Descendants of *eḱs
summa summum super supra